Unlike many writers, I didn’t compose my first novels in kindergarten. In fact, I didn’t like writing all that much. Reading? Hell, yes. But writing seemed so very exhausting. I guess that had to do with my late-developing motor skills and the fact that we didn’t have typewriters in grammar school. Later, things changed. I still didn’t write much, but I wanted to – oh, how much I wanted to! Yet I didn’t.

Finally, or not-quite-finally, I discovered that there was a great way to write without having to face the fear of failure (or bad alliterations), and even make some money. Thus, I became a copywriter. And since I grew up in Germany but spent enough time in the U.S., I started writing copy in both German and English. And still do.

So, copywriting is great. I proved to be good at it and even started teaching others how to write compelling, convincing and concise website copy (still with the alliterations). And at some point I even overcame my fear of writing my own stuff. Currently, I am working on a novel. What convinced me to start was something I read in a book by Eric Maisel: Not writing is worse than writing (he may have put it more elegantly, but that’s what stuck with me). Those were wise words, and very true ones. And as a veteran of the not-writing I like to help others find a way to the writing.