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Writing isn’t all that hard. It just takes courage.


Get lots of attention with good copy.

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  • Copywriting for web and advertising

    As a copywriter living in Berlin, I'm surrounded by great copy. It's on the walls, in doorways, on lamp posts, sidewalks, trashcans – you name it. Messages wherever you look. I use this inspiration to write compelling copy for websites that appeal to both humans and search engines. I write claims that stick and longcopy that actually carries a message. As a creative and web writing instructor, I show others how to do what I do. After all, it's not magic. It just takes some skill, practice, and confidence.

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  • Hire a copywriter

    I write online and advertising copy, articles, press releases and marketing copy for ad agencies, corporate clients, institutions, media. In both English and German.
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  • Unleash the writer in you

    I teach workshops for individuals and groups: web writing and creative techniques, professional and creative writing. If I can do it, you can learn it!
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  • Read the blog

    Musings about: reading and writing; the creative process and its obstacles; people, tools, books and life (what else). Mostly in German, occasionally in English.
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