"I love you but you should start up a gym"Intriguing, but also a bit confusing and therefore surely in violation of some copywriting rule or other. Still, I liked it.

Online and offline: copy rules

Great advertising copy sells. But in these times of The Cluetrain Manifesto, recommendation marketing, long tails, and powerful consumers, you sell best – and most sustainably – if you give people reasons to actually like your product. Even after they’ve bought it. One way to do that is through valuable content in all your marketing: websites as well as brochures, customer magazines, and, of course, social media activities.

I love to write copy that people like to read because it is informative, entertaining, and/or enlightening. That’s why I like to write copy for good, useful, fun products and services. If the product is good, it doesn’t have to be exciting. I like to find emotional, engaging angles even for rather low-blood-pressure, down-to-earth, sober topics. Try me!